Pleora's new Artificial Intelligence Gateway

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Reduce Complexity of Deploying Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
for Quality Inspection

Pleora Technologies has introduced the vision industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform which simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning capabilities to improve reliability and lower the cost of visual quality inspection systems.

  • Reduce costly inspection errors, false-positives and secondary screenings.
  • Designed to work with existing inspection hardware and software.
  • End-users and integrators can easily deploy AI skills without any additional programming knowledge.
  • Through a simple web-based interface, images and data are uploaded to “no code” training software.

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Smarter Inspection

Easily employ machine learning and AI to reduce costly inspection errors, false-positives, and secondary screenings that waste human resources and slow processes. 

Scalable for Industry 4.0 

Upload custom image processing and AI algorithms written in Python and let Pleora’s OS — built on eBUS SDK — handle the rest.

Plug-in AI Skills

Deploy AI skills without any additional programming — built-in AI classification, sorting, and defect detection and powerful processing to add advanced machine learning capabilities.