Edge Processing and Smart Devices for Industry 4.0

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Vision Industry Evolves Towards IoT

AI and machine learning promise to bring new cost and process benefits into inspection systems. Our latest whitepaper explores how smart sensor and imaging devices help overcome bandwidth and networking challenges while providing a first step towards integrating AI in automation systems. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How AI and machine learning fit into automated inspection systems
  • What bandwidth and networking challenges do you need to consider
  • How do smart devices and edge processing fit into AI and machine learning 

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Industry 4.0 / IoT 

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are one in the same, a term used to describe a variety of physical devices and objects that are interconnected and communicate with each other. 

Edge Processing

A smart device is connected to other devices via a network. Adding edge processing to a smart device enables decision making at the sensor level for faster more efficient analysis. 

Machine Learning

Is an application of artificial intelligence where the machine is learning tasks without rule-based instruction, rather it learns by study of algorithm and pattern recognition.